Busted On My First Root In The Car

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Busted On My First Root In The Car

Me and my partner Tim got invited to a mates /party/">party,so I jumped in the shower and washed my hair and body making sure I gave my pussy a good clean cause I was planning on breaking his ute in after the party. I got out while he jumped in after me and put on my red lacy bra and matching g-string(the one that he bought for me on my birthday), I was going to wear my jeans but changed my mind cause I remembered that he like seeing me wear my /ass/ass-tight/">ass tight black pants that tie up on each side and and a white shirt. I put on a tiny bit of make-up but not too much cause Im not really into the whole make-up thing as I was born a country girl. But anyways, Tim got out of the shower and put on his jeans and a black shirt. When we were both ready we headed for his ute and drove to the party.

We didn't even make it half way and I was already starting to get wet and horny thinking about breaking his ute in, I kept looking at him with a smile and a wink. He knew what I was planning on doing but he didn't know when it was going to happen, so he kept driving. We made it too the party and we were then greated by the /birthday/birthday-boy/">birthday boy Beau who was turning 20. We gave him his present and 20 punches to go with it and went off to grab a seat, start drinking and talking to some mates who were already there.Afew hours passed and I was starting to get a little drunk and horny so I grabed my partners (Tim) hand and dragged him to the front of the house where we parked the ute while everyone was having a game of footy.

I put my hand in the pocket of his jeans and looked at him with a sexy smile he smiled back and he knew for an instant what I wanted so while I was trying to unlock the door full hd xvideo download of his ute he started putting his hands on my body and kissing on my neck I started to moan a little and put my hand behind my back to feel his cock trying to make a tent out of his jeans but they were a little tight for that so I undone the button on his jeans before opening the door and letting him get in first. I pulled out his cock which was hard and slowly slid my mouth over it circling my tongue around it, he threw his head back in anticipation and pulled my hair up out of my face. I slowly moved my mouth down further to the base deep throating him. Ooh yeah I like that he replied.I started getting really wet and horny so I undone my pants and started playing with myself while sucking his penis a little more. Running my finger up and down my slit where I wanted it circling around and occassionaly slipping a finger in.I decided I had enough /foreplay/">foreplay and jumped on Tim's lap after pulling my pants off, closing the door of the ute and locking it.

I started kissing him and sucking on his neck, and then moved up to his ear I gave it a little nibble and he started moaning in enjoyment he told me to keep goin so I did. Feeling his cock throbbing on my pussy turned me on so I sat up a little bit and slid it in my aching pussy I let out a cry and moan of relief and started ridding his cock, and sucked on his ear he really liked me doing that so I didn't stop unless I was kissing his /sweet/">sweet lips. I felt his cock getting harder in side me and it made my pussy throb around his /hard/hard-penis/">hard penis. I could feel it rubbing on the walls of my pussy so I sank deeper onto his cock and ooh my god that feels so good. I started moaning and just as I was about to /climax/">climax we saw a spot light shinning inside the car so Tim grabbed his shirt as quick free porn movies download as he could to try and cover me up so no one would see. We heard alot of laughing and wolf whistles then all of a sudden it went quiet.
Then 'BANG BANG BANG!' on the door then the spot light was back on shinning right into the window on us. We couldn't help but laugh, but we weren't happy at the same time and we told them to go so we could get dressed but they wouldn't go away. They wanted to join in and see everything. "Don't mind us, just keep doing what your doing" Bede said with a laugh. After awhile of yelling at them to go away they ended up leaving us alone. We Threw our clothes back on and got out of the car and everyone from work started clapping so we both gave a bow and ran for the toilets at the petrol station across the road to finish off. We locked the door, and waited for everyone to start banging on the door but nothing happened.

We took each others clothes off and he lifted me up onto the bench after we wiped it down to make sure it was clean and it wasn't long til he started pounding me like there was no tomorrow. Fuck me fuck me I said, oh yeah just like that. My pussy started throbbing around his cock and he started getting harder and harder. I told him to go deeper, so he lifted me off the bench while he was still inside me. I wrapped my legs around him to hold myself up and he started bouncing me on his cock oh yeah I moaned throwing my head back. I tried to reach down to cup his balls in my hand but it was too difficult so I didn't worry. My pussy started pulsating on his cock, I let out a scream and it wasn't long after I was covering his penis in my pussy juices. Give it to me I told him and he started bouncing me harder and harder ramming his cock further inside me. I felt his cock start throbbing inside me so I tightened my pussy around his cock as hard as I could and he started moaning and his juices started spurting inside me shot after shot. And we colapsed in a heap on the floor. After we caught our breath we put our clothes on and went back to join Beau's party.

Everyone asked us for all the dirty details but we just smiled and said with a laugh 'Im sure you can wait til the movie comes out'. The party was finished shortly after and everyone went home.