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Simply Sex

The black material fell from her shoulders to the floor, leaving her bare to just above her breasts. She looked at him with a burning lust in her eyes and fell onto his lips. His hands were round behind her, unzipping the black velvety dress. It fell down around her ankles, baring her breasts to him. Her body was smooth and beautiful, the legs encased in black stockings connected by threads to her black knickers. Her legs were pressed tightly together, emphasising the triangle of dark at her lower abdomen. He turned her with his body and pushed her back onto the bed. Her breasts bounced when she hit the cover and then fell out sideways slightly, the brown nipples staring up at the ceiling above them. He retreated a step and then calmly took off his tie; his shirt; his trousers; his underpants until he was naked before her. She watched him, looking down between the swellings of her breasts and the area above the pubic bone. 

Her arms were splayed outwards, wide over all the bed, the arms themselves smooth, long and curved. Hands and fingers were long and thin, ending in painted nails of a deep red. Each armpit was shaven and treated with cream, leaving it smooth and clean, unsullied by coarse stubble. Her face was quite small, the small rosebud mouth partly open as she drew breath. Hair spread out on the bedding behind her, as if she had arranged it there. Her breasts were large and quite loose, so they moved old waman xxxgx on her chest whenever she breathed. Nipples were like tiny brown peaks on the mountain of each breast. The smooth skin was covered in a downy hair, soft to the touch and almost completely invisible. Over the stomach, flat, firm but not obviously muscled, the silhouette curved in at the abdomen. Past the belly button, hips began to widen out to shoulder-width in a long, smooth curve. The skin remained soft and smooth, lightly browned by tan, but without any obvious tan lines. The piece of cloth at her groin, hemmed in lace and made of the deepest black material, almost of a silk quality. Each layer transparent but there were enough to obscure almost everything from view; leaving just a faint outline of what lay behind. Legs, extending from out of this triangular shape, bent at the knees over the edge of the bed but still held instinctively together as she waited with some trepidation for the him to make his move. Encased in thin black stockings fastened to the knicker-hem, /casting/">casting a grey-brown hue over her lower limbs. The thighs were large; long and wide with solidness rather than fat. The feet, small and bedecked with nails of the same deep red. Small, kissable feet, encased in black nylon resting slightly off the floor. She knew she was beautiful, and, with uncharacteristic forwardness, breathed deeply in and then out, combined with a roll of the shoulders, and her breasts rolled in great, loose circles around her chest. His semi-erect penis jerked upwards as her motions aroused his reproductive instincts.

Startled by her own actions, she looked at him, gazing into his eyes and realizing how much she wanted, needed him. She stretched her arms up beyond her head, away from him. She could already feel her own body respond to her needs; her vagina was becoming slick and hot as fluids seeped out to provide lubrication for the absent penis. Her bokep sma pecah perawan breathing increased speed. She started to stir restlessly, desperately wanting him to penetrate her, but to reluctant to do anything herself. He, however, knew what lusts were coursing through her mind, and knew from much experience that this would serve only to heighten the feelings later on. His body was demanding that he strip off the offending piece of cloth between him and her bodies centre, but he suppressed these feelings as he watched the desperation coursing through her eyes. Then, he relented, gave in to his instincts and darted forward, and kissed her deeply. He arms entwined around his neck, holding him to her as she forced her tongue into his mouth and around his as it squirmed into her own. 

She rubbed her hands up and down her back, caressing his body as the blood raced in her veins. So many years since she had experienced these feelings. She felt the stiffness press into her stomach, each beat of his heart causing it to twitch. Then, he broke away, and she closed her eyes as she tried to slow her breaths down. Her breasts were moving as if of their own accord, such was the intensity of her need for air. Then, she felt a movement on her legs. His hands, prising them apart. She heard him kneel down between them. She spread wide, opening the route to her inside to him. Now the triangle had a flat part where the point had, tracing a line between the two legs where her most precious possessions were. She relaxed into the bed-sheets, and allowed him to take complete control of her body. His hands were on her legs, sliding up towards the small patch of skin between stocking and pants. His hands touched her skin and she let out a breath she did not know she was holding. Almost immediately his hands were on top of her pubic bone, stroking delicately the fabric of her underwear. Her legs, pressed stiffly outwards, were aching form the strain, so she folded them around his body, pulling him right up to her crotch. 

He resisted, pushed back, so they ended up with him closer, but not touching, and her legs wrapped around him. One finger traced a route from her waist to the flat of the shape. Then, it was softly drawing over the small slit in her skin that was her sexual organs. A sharp, indrawn breath from her as his finger stimulated the sensitive nerves of the sex organs. Only a thin piece of cloth separated her from him. She wished with all her heart that it would disappear, that he would’ then she gasped as she felt his nose and lips rubbing the cloth. One hand on each of her hips as he ducked forward to place a kiss on a different part of her. His kisses slid towards the crotch. She felt his mouth impact on her clitoris and then he was off as her senses bombarded her with feeling. She heard him lick his lips, thenrealized how much liquid was flowing from her vagina. God, she wanted him now. As if in response to her silent thought, her nerves felt his fingers deftly undoing the stockings from the knickers. Then, turning and unbending her legs, he rolled each stocking carefully off her legs. He kissed his way up her leg, right up to the hem, where he hesitated, his lips resting on the flesh and lace. Now her arms were clasping the bedpost, breath coming in short, ragged gasps. His hands rested on her thighs and then, suddenly, they were up her knickers though the leg holes, flatly resting on the pubic hair underneath. 

His thumbs caressed the thick wiry black growth. Her face flushed red, her breasts and legs alsodiscoloring as blood rushed to them. His hands slid out again of the knickers and he stood up before lying down on the bed next to her, at right angles to her body. He placed a hand on her left breast, squeezing it beneath his fingers for a moment before sliding it down towards her genitalia. It slid over the smooth expanse of her abdomen, towards the waistline of the one black garment she had on. His fingers ducked under the hem and moved through the pubic hair. Down, down. She waited with held breath. Then, finally, his fingertips touched the small mass of tissue that was the clitoris. Now she actually groaned, and the slick lump of tissue shied away from the advancing hand. On he went, feeling the thin slit in her skin, caressing the labia but never actually entering her body. The whole area was wet with vaginal discharge, covering his hand. She was grimacing with pleasure as he cupped her genitals in his hand. He began to run his hand out of her crotch, but as he did so his middle finger pushed hard into her. This time, when he felt the slit of skin beneath him, he pushed between the lips and into the slick interior.

Her mind staggered. He was finally inside her! Not the part of him that she really wanted, but his finger was at that moment right inside her body. She was so happy that he was doing this to her, for her. She flexed some muscles in her groin, causing the flesh under his hand to move. He responded with the finger; slowly pushing deeper into her groin and into her vagina. Her hands left the bedpost and fell to her sides, clawing at the bed in her passion. Her vagina was twitching in time with her heartbeat, each time more liquid seeped out to stain the material an even darker black. She felt with astonishing clarity the progress his finger made into her ever grateful body, and remembered the last time a finger had been inside her vagina; when she was fourteen; her own finger then. She had been obsessed with sex then, not wanting to wait until she was permitted for her pleasures. In the lonely bed of her pubescent youth, self-penetration was an everyday occurrence, most days more than once. She was no virgin; she demanded much of her husband during the night hours. For all this experience, however, she was still an uncontrollable nymphomaniac, each time the feelings were more intense, more pleasurable. 

Her mind jerked back to the present, as his palm pressed into her swollen, pulsing clitoris while his finger sought for depth in the warm folds of her body. Right up to the knuckle, into her body. Motion, in her vagina. His finger bending towards’ 
Crash! His finger touched, only for a split second, the leathery g-spot on the wall of her vagina. Nerve impulses rushed through her body, demanding some sort of response for this deeply provocative feeling. He was touching her core; the thing that was most fundamentally hers. She wanted to share it with him; offer herself to him so as to allow him to take part in this most personal experience. Then the finger touched again and held there, stroking very slowly across the g-spot. In between gulps of air, she managed to scream, at the top of her voice. Such a tiny motion, in a tiny part of her, stimulating such an incredible response. She screamed again and again as he calmly touched and touched. She clawed the bed-sheets, and her legs clamped together and were held out stiff, all from this one touch. She had only fundamental control of her body; no voluntary movement was possible. She slowly wrested control of her limbs and her breathing again, and screams turned into moans.