Summer Camp taboo

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Summer Camp taboo

There were always three bullies in my summer camp who made my life a living hell. My name is Jason and I am 18. It was my senior year and I had a few friends in places and abit of an everybody?s man. There were these 3 bullies Max, Jacob and Gemma, the 3 hottest people in the senior year, and ironically the coolest. They had formed their lil band since kindgardetn and were always walking around thinking they were better than everybody else. They always picked on me though and I never knew why. I was a good looking guy, 6 ft, broad shoulders, tanned skin and a toned body as I lived at the /gym/">gym but never had the balls to stand up for myself. They used to tease me and throw my lunch in the bin, kids stuff. I never knew or dreamed this would happen. 

I am happily bi, and although only been with 1 guy and 6 girls still didn?t deter me from my ultimate /fantasy/">fantasy both together! We all shared gym together, the only class besides history. Last Friday nite, I stayed behind to do laps to work off sum lunch. I was all hot and sweaty and my long black curtains all drapped across my face. I went to my locker and got my towel and decided to have a shower. I stripped off naked and got in the shower. I hadn?t had sex in a year, kinda dried up since I became obsessed with my fantasy. I stared down at my cock; limp begging for sum action, a flaccid 6?. Then I heard sum people come thorough the door to the gym. I thought it was just the coach, so I continued on with my /gorgeous/">gorgeous shower. Then I heard to more voices; two blokes and a girl. Gemma yelled out to the others ?man that guy is gonna be picking that wedge outta his ass for a week?. They alain lyle porn walked towards the showers. I hoped they hadn?t had noticed me, so I tried to rub the lather off of me as fast as I could. No luck they spotted me. 

?Oi Jason? shouted Max, the biggest of the boys. He was nearly 7 ft and had shoulders indian santali xvideo to die for, properly why I never picked a fight. Jacob on the other and was my height yet smaller than me yet still had sum muscle on him, a blond compared to the brown haired Max. ? Well, Well, Well what do we have here, a naked little geek!? Jacob and Gemma laughed, staring at me. I could not hide my naked body. I turned around to try and hide my dick. ?Woah geek you got a /cute/">cute little ass on you haven?t you? she said. She was gorgeous 5,5 and a huge pair of tits. I turned around to grab my towel, but they just grabbed it away. ?Give it back,? I cried trying to cup my dick in one hand. Then it started. ?No? said Jacob. ?Why should we?? ? Coach will be back soon? I tired to let out? ?don?t give a shit,? laughed Max. Now I was getting worried standing their naked being laughed at. I sercretly wanted those 3 so /bad/">bad. And this was going to be my chance. I was hoping this would take a turn in my favour so I played along. 

? I?ll tell u what? max looked at me with glee in his eyes. I knew this wasn?t gonna be good. ? You let us see you properly naked and we?ll let you go? This was shock! I thought they were all straight but still this was humiliation so they properly loved it. I slowly let my dick fall out of my hands and put my arms above my head. They stared for a moment all smiling. ?Now can I have my towel back!? ?In a moment? said Jacob. I looked down and both boys were bulging in their pants and Gemma obviously was going weak at the knees. ? I wanna see you hard, wank your self off abit? I didn?t know whether to be turned on or cry but I was kinda cared so I let my hand fall to me knob and I started to rub myself to and fro. The 3 seemed to be enjoying themselves even more than I was.

Then it dawned on me what was going to happen next. Max turned to me and says ?well /bitch/bitch-boy/">bitch boy I think we could have some fun. He dropped his pants to reveal a huge 10? member, wide as my fist. ? Go on bitch, suck my cock. I was so turned on. ?Yeh then you can please me screamed? Gemma I got to my knees and positioned my self in front of max. I took his gigantic knob in one hand and his balls in the other and placed my tongue on his knob. I licked the large drop of precum off of his knob, and ran my tongue up and down his member a few times. Gemma now naked positioned herself behind me a grabbed my head. I took his prick in my mouth and swallowed as much as I could. She threw me down on his knob as deep as I could. I drew it in and out of my mouth as fast as I could, getting as deep as I could get each time. I gagged a few times which only made him hornier. Jacob I caught out of the back of my eye sitting on a bench naked with his slim but long dick in his hand jacking off at the sight of my sucking his friend with the other one behind me. I got faster and faster and ten he tensed up and shot his cum right down my throat. I tired to swallow it all as fast as I could but it over flowed out of my mouth. 

Gemma turns to me and says my turn. She positioned herself on a bench with my face in between her legs. With the taste of /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum still on my tongue I tried for a cocktail licking up her pussy juices. I encircled her clit, doing figures of 8s down to her arse and then back up again. I got my tongue in her hole trying to suck her dry with the luscious taste of her wet juices. She started to scream and more let flow. Behind me I was laying flat, when I felt the strangest but nicest feeling. I turned back for a second, to see Jacob with his tongue to my ass crack giving me a rim job. He licked my manhole and I almost cum. Behind him was max now semi hard again with his finger up Jacob?s ass, fingering him senseless. With this Gemma got up and pounced on my penis. She took it in her mouth and sucked my prick like a vacuum. She took it all the way down her throat and then licked my balls with her tongue. Jacob came down to join her. They both took it in turns to lick my juicy knob. Just if this couldn?t get any better, ma got underneath me and licked my balls. This triple oral pleasure was almost too much for me and I was getting on to Cumming soon. The two working my knob sensed it and said, ? you?re not getting away with it that easily.? 

We all moved into the showers. I layed Gemma down on the floor and positioned my self between her legs. I pounced on her and trusted my raging prick into her deeply. In and out I went. Harder with every stroke getting as deep as I possibly could. Then Max got behind me and placed his dick between my bum cheeks. With a few attempts his /dick/huge-dick/">huge dick now rock hard again fell into my arse. He was strong and was fucking me hard. This made Gemma cum even more knowing the strength was coming from two men in each other rather then one. Jacob was at the other end with his dick in her mouth. She was sucking him as hard as she had sucked me. I watched as his penis deep throated her, vanishing into her perfect throat. She had to take his dick out of her mouth as her body started to shake as she violently cum! 

We swapped places and I lay on the floor. Gemma mounted and started to fuck me senseless. Her /wet/hot-wet/">hot wet warm pussy in tune with my cock, and then it was me who was begging to scream. She starched my chest as she lent down from her bliss. The two blokes positioned themselves near my head on either side. I took one dick in each hand and started to wank each /dick/dick-hard/">dick hard and fast. The boy started to quiver so I took turns on sucking each one while the other was still content with just a hand job. This multi tasking on being fucked and sucking was getting too much for me. I started to shake and scream as I violently exploded my cum inside Gemma. Just at that point the boys sprayed their cum all over my face. Gemma came down to join us as the cum dripping from her pussy flowed into my mouth. We all sat there cuddling for an hour exhausted from the orgy. 

We are still not friends, but every Friday all 3 of us meet secretly to fore fill my fantasy!