Heidis Punishment Chap 2 The Rules

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Heidis Punishment Chap 2 The Rules

As Heidi lay on the bed, remembering what had happened to her in the last hour or so of her life, she wished to know what her sister, Helena, and her mummy went through, with Daddy. She knew that Helena had probably suffered through what she?d just experienced, but she escaped. So how could Heidi escape as well?

Plotting about how she could call Helena and get her help to save herself, she heard Daddy climbing the stairs. Entering the bedroom, he smiled at her, as if nothing was wrong.

?Heidi, my commanding officer gave me some leave, so we could go visit Helena. But we won?t be coming back, like he thinks. So we?ve got to pack light.? He went to the closet and pulled out his large duffel bag, the one he uses when he goes on missions. Grabbing some clothing, he threw them in hurriedly, while she watched in panic, wondering how she was going to leave now.

?Daddy?Sir? where are we going to go?? 

?We?re going to go, where no one will find us.?

?But what about school, work? and what if Helena tries to find us??

?Didn?t I say never to mention that /whore/">whore?s name?? 

Approaching the bed swiftly, Daddy slapped Heidi?s face with tremendous force. ?Well, didn?t I??

?Yes, sir, but you said her name, so I assume that I stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv could as well.?

?Never assume anything in life.? Daddy reached over and petted Heidi?s swelling face, ?I?m sorry I have to hurt you Heidi, but if you are to be my breeding /bitch/">bitch, I?ve got to instill values that I find apt for our situation.?

He loosened the rope on her wrists, but not enough so she could escape. Fingering her body, he slowly traced designs down the length of it. ?Ummm? Heidi, you are so /gorgeous/">gorgeous, just like your sister and mother. This can be pleasurable for you too, Heidi, if only you didn?t fight it. Your whoring mother eventually did. Your sister could?ve too, but she ran. You won?t have the chance to.?

He undressed himself, watching Heidi?s eyes as he did. Seeing her fright at the length of his cock, made it swell to even greater proportions. 

?Sir?please, please don?t do this. My private place hurts still? not tonight, at least.?

?Shut up, Heidi. You?ll do as I say, plus, I think I should start white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie with your lessons, while your listening.?

?But?it will hurt.?

?Pain is pleasure.? He sat over her stomach, balancing his weight on his knees. Grabbing one of her tits, he pulled as hard as he could. She let out a muffled yelp.

?See, but if I do this.? He lowered his mouth and tongued her nipple. Heidi moaned, she didn?t want to but she couldn?t help it.

?So as you can tell Heidi, each and every time that we fuck, can be satisfying, but only if you satisfy me in return. Therefore, I?ve come up with a list of rules for you to abide by:

1. You are mine, so I expect your full attention.
2. No other cock is to go into your body without my consent. 
3. You are to call me Sir, but in public Henry. 
4. You are not to mention your mother, or sister. Even if I bring them up. 
5. I am your /master/">master. You?ll do as I say, nothing else matters. 
6. When you produce my children, they are to be boys, and only after I?ve got my boys, are you allowed to produce girls. 
7. You are to remain in shackles or at my side at all time. 
8. If I want sex, in any way, shape or form, you are to provide me with it. 
No whining or you shall be punished, do you understand? Those are my rules, if I choose to add or detract from that list, then so be it. But until I change them, you are to follow each and everyone to the letter. Or there shall be a punishment.?

?Yes, sir.?

?Good? now suck it, Heidi.? He shoved his /cock/large-cock/">large cock into her mouth, and Heidi did. No matter how degrading, she vowed to one day escape, and if she had to subject herself to his daily desires, she would obey them.

Slowly, she licked her tongue around his big bulbous head, and circled her tongue down the sides. Feeling his veins rapidly swelling, her throat opened larger, to fit more of him down it. Daddy began to fuck her head and throat with vigor, until he was ready to cum.

?Ughhh? oh Heidi, I?m going to /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-your-mouth/">cum in your mouth. Swallow it all.? Seconds later, his gooey juices spurted into her mouth. Sputtering, Heidi tried her best to swallow it all, but some droplets escaped.

When Daddy pulled away from her mouth, he saw the beads of cum, dripped out of the corners of her mouth. Smiling, he relished the punishment he was going to inflict upon her. Tying her hands tighter to the posts, he kissed her mouth. Opening her /sweet/">sweet cummy lips, he inserted his tongue.

Getting up, he went out into the hall and retrieved a bag. Inside was more rope, which he immediately tied around her feet, spread eagle to the posts. Pulling out a blindfold, he put that over he eyes as well. 

?Sir? what are you going to do to me? Please take the blindfold off, I want to see what?s going to happen.? Her pleas were silenced, when he put a gag in her mouth. He reached into the bag a few more times, putting a bucket of ice within reach, as well as a few lit candles. Not to add ambiance of course, but to prove a point later on. 

Heidi felt him reach up into her cunt, and pull out the cum soaked tissues. Not even preparing Heidi for his assault, he drove his cock straight into her recently abused pussy. Suddenly, as Daddy was fucking the life out of her assaulted cunt, freezing droplet of water were being dropped upon her tits and stomach. Just as quickly it stopped, until sizzling drops of candle wax were being trickling onto her peaked nipples. The process was repeated over and over again, until Daddy thought it was time for him to cease her punishment for the time being.

?Heidi, if I told you once, I?ve told you twice. I?ve never wanted to hurt you, but you?re like a horse. You need to be broken in.? And with his horse like dick, Daddy drove the point home again, propelling his enormous dick into her womb again. Erupting like a volcano, he released his seed into her womb again.

Pulling out, he left Heidi like that on the bed, while he finished packing. A few minutes before they had to leave, Daddy untied her, so she could take a quick shower with him. But not before he placed something inside of her cunt, to keep his cum in.