Queen of the Kill

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Queen of the Kill

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This story has been given a rating of ESV for /extreme/extreme-porn/">extreme porn Sexual Violence. Depicted in this story are naked females using their bodies to smother and kill young males. There are no ages given in this story, it is up to you, gentile reader, to supply them as you see fit.

A Letter in the Mail

Definition: Imperator: Benson Corp. Hunger Games Regulation 1, Pg 5: This is to state that the status of Imperator is created when one (1) and only one Plebe survives the Hunger Games. At the official conclusion of said Hunger Game a single remaining Plebe will afforded this title and all honors and accolades as appropriate. However if two (2) or more Plebes are found alive at sexxxx video ful hd the conclusion of the said game they will fight to the death in a confined space until a winner emerges. Special Imperators are a unique consideration and exempt, see pg 12.

Definition: Special Imperator: Benson Corp Hunger Games Regulation 2, Revision 17, Pg 12: This is to state that any Plebe (see definition annex) that kills three (3) Imperators via approved methods and without help during the course of the Benson Corp. Hunger Games shall be declared a Special Imperator and the winner of said game. Upon declaration of being the winner they are to be removed from said game and afforded honors and accolades as appropriate to and including the title Special Imperator. The said same Hunger Game, regardless of time remaining, must continue until all participants, other than the professional Imperators are killed.

Young Julie relaxed, another school day was over and soon it would be time for spring break. Slowly the big yellow bus wound its way along with dozens of other yellow monsters from the school grounds. Casually Julie looked out the dirt stained window at the huge life like statue of Katniss Everdeen as the high school now bore her name.

Julie was sophomore at Katniss High. She was a pretty girl of average height and her hair was a golden brown, like it couldnt make up its mind to be blonde or brown. Her body was trim. She was an athlete of sorts but on her own terms and not involved in any school sports. She loved to lap swim where she could lose herself in the churning water.

Ahead of her sat two girls discussing the upcoming Hunger Games. ?Oh god, not that again,? she thought. For the last three years her name was submitted into the big Hunger Games computer and each year 12 unfortunate teens were selected.

Julie looked back at the statue of Katniss now receding from view. If Katniss only knew what the games had now evolved into. Since the Katniss era there had been wars and more wars. There was the religious wars, territorial wars, wars and massacres against racial minorities. Now most minorities had long since been eliminated. Corporations now reigned. It was no longer even the Hunger Games but the Benson Corporation Hunger Games. Aside from the crass commercialization the games had become ?sexualized.? ?Hey sex sell,? she was told to believe. Blood and gore were out and sex was in.

There were in fact two societies. One, the educated and well fed and the rest just left to fend for themselves. The masses existed as best they could but life was hard for them. Basically the main Hunger Game consisted of a dozen professional Imperators and a dozen high school age or younger boys and solo girls called Plebes. The rest, hundreds of them, were composed of small boys. They were commonly referred to as ?Fish.? The Fish were nothing but street urchins caught up in a government sweep. Fodder to work up and excite the audience for the main course to follow.

The games were sexualized in that the female Imperators and teen girls were nude, or nude from the waist down. They would chase and wrestle down the Fish and using their bodies smother them to death. The only weapons allowed were your own body, a handy rock or tree branch. No knives, arrows, guns were allowed. Small hidden cameras were everywhere to record close up details of the kill. The Hunger Games were to last 6 days. There was an unwritten rule strictly adhered to. The first two days the ranks of the Fish were thinned considerably. It was then, on the third day, the Imperators would turn on the teens. Meanwhile the teens would now turn on each other.

Julie never gave the games much thought. Here grand mother though was an accomplished Imperator with 42,546 kills to her credit. She retired from the arena at age 45 with honors. Julie always listened to her stories with rapt attention. Now and then she would loan Julie a video of her kills. The videos were always disconcerting what with closeups of trembling victim desperate for air; they were almost gynecological in nature. Then there were the close-ups of a younger /granny/sexy-granny/">sexy granny deep in sexual pleasure slowly smothering a twitching victim. Some showed sudden brutal action like bring down a young teen or even a fight to the death with a fellow Imperator. That was another alien world to young Julie. She didnt know it but her happy placid life was about to change.

When she got home Julie was aware of her mothers ashen face. An ominous letter lay on the dining-room table. It was from the Benson Corp Hunger Games main office. With trepidation she opened it and to her horror and that of her mother, Julie had been selected for the 114th Benson Corp. Hunger Games. It was like a death sentence! The letter went on to explain, in a happy ?arent you lucky tone,? her up coming schedule.

After theyd both had a good cry Julies mother called granny. Julies grandmother, though now elderly, still posed a good body and had taken pride in keeping herself trim. Granny, or Ms Maud Franklin, arranged for Julie to stay with her for a couple days to teach her some survival tricks. Julie was anxious for any help in that regard. The Hunger Games bureaucrats generously allowed Julie a few days to get her life in order, among them, they encouraged participants to make out wills and funeral arrangements.

The Competition

Early the next morning Julie walked up the sidewalk to her grandmothers humble suburban home. Though financially well off Grandmother Franklin lived a quiet modest life. Granny Franklin was tall with a firm sturdy body. She wore her now gray hair in a tight efficient bun. Grannys green eyes were bright and alert and had not dulled over time. She walked in a slow careful gate and sometimes used a cane.

They exchanged friendly greetings then Julie asked. ?Um Grandma, you got anybody in the room?? The room Julie was referring to was a room she kept young boys prior to her smothering them. ?Yes, three boy. Usually I have six on hand at all times.? Julie just shrugged. It was an established fact her grandmother had developed quit an appetite for victims over the years. Technically it was illegal but then the society which Julie lived in was far from civilized.

Grandmother Franklin directed Julie into her ?activity? room. The room was in fact her bedroom. It was large with a specialized bed designed for smothering. Against one wall was a huge view screen. The room contained everything she needed and within reach. She could smother a victim while watching TV, drink a coffee or talk to friends. Julies grandmother indicated there would only be eleven competing Imperators this Hunger Game as one had to drop out due to a scheduling conflict.

The Competition: Gloria Davidson

?Ready to learn about your competition?? Julies grandmother said while using a remote to activate the TV. With the press of a button the image of a beautiful woman appeared on the screen. ?This is Gloria, the supreme Hunger Games champion. Shes 37 with some 60,890 kills to her credit.? stated grandmother Franklin. The nude picture, now rotating in 3D, was of a tall stately blonde with high cheekbones and a firm athletic body. Her eyes were blue and piercing. Julie gaped at her in awe. Her bright blonde hair was cut short and done into a myriad of curls.

Julies grandmother went on to explain that Gloria Davidson, the reigning all time champion, was a real nice lady. Always pleasant and didnt let her fame keep her from being a decent lady. In the Hunger Games arena she was something different. Gloria was as wild a predator as youd find in the barren reaches of the African plain. If she climbed onto a victim, be they a small boy, Plebe or an adult Imperator, they were dead. In the Hunger Games arena Gloria showed no mercy or tenderness but only raw aggression.

Next Julie was shown short clips of Gloria in action. Victim after victim was sat on and smothered to death with wild abandon. One short clip caught Julies attention. It was of a cute lad about her age. Gloria and the boy (Gloria being nude and the boy wearing only red shorts, the uniform of sorts of the Plebes) wrestled about but with a few well rehearsed motions she managed to send the lad to the ground flat on his back. Next she lay down on him in a 69 position before he could catch his breath. Once in place she arched her back and pressed down hard with her hips in a grinding circular motion. The boy twisted and turned under her but his struggles were to no avail. She had him now and he would soon join her long list of kills.

This was very upsetting for Julie to she such a virtual killing machine in action. Julie had never paid much attention to the Hunger Games. The thought that she would now be pitted up against the deadly killing skills of the likes of Gloria sent a chill down her spine. Julies grandmother looked over at Julie and said. ?Needless to say young lady. Stay away from Gloria, as far away as you can.?

The Competition: Karen Howe

The next projection showed a tall thin blonde woman. Her hair was long and curled and obviously tinted. She wasnt particularly muscular and lacked the inner strength and drive as shown by Gloria.
Julies grandmother explained that Karen was in her late 40s, a has-been. For awhile when she was young she made a decent huntress but not now. The woman was a drunk and drug abuser living on past glory. Julie heard it was best to avoid her, not that she might be deadly, but that disaster after disaster seemed to follow her.

The Competition: Mother Morgan

The next video showed a tall powerfully built woman. She was a big lady with wide thighs with pale skin. It was a surprise to Julie because she thought most Imperators were all physically fit yet this woman seemed a bit fat. Julie noted with a chuckle the lady had a thick profusion of dark brown pubic hair and her breasts were enormous. The lady had a soft round face and pleasant features; not one bit threatening in looks. Julie was wrong. Her grandmother pointed out Mother Morgan had some 61,690 kills to her credit. Not shabby for an overweight motherly type.

Julies grandmother now showed Mother Morgan in action. Despite her soft looks she could be fast and sly. Many a small Fish allowed her to get too close and was smothered by her body. Even strapping teens or Plebes as they were officially called went under her. Julie asked about her name, Mother Morgan. It was explained that many Imperators adopted colorful names. It was done mostly to attract advertisers and develop a following of fans. Imperators were, after all celebrities in Julies society. Granny concluded it was best to avoid the friendly giant Mother Morgan as much as possible.

The Competition: Daughter Morgan

Again another picture. It showed a tall powerfully younger woman in her early 20s. Being Mother Morgans daughter she had the same body style though not quit as fat. She looked pretty and her braided blonde hair gave her a Valkyrie look. Though relatively new to the games shed an astounding kill record. Julies grand mother explained they hunted in unison. Julie was upset, were all the Imperators efficient killing machines; did she have any hope of survival?

The Competition: The Witch Twins

The next 3D picture was of two twins; young women in their mid to late 20s. Their hair was black in color, too black which pointed to hair dye. The twins were of average height with good trim bodies. They were both strikingly pretty with sharp features. The looked and were a deadly duo.

The twins were a lethal pair and hunted in tandem. It was true, one was a White Witch that worshiped the earth and in general was dedicated to using her powers for good. The other was a Black Witch that used her powers in the service of Satan. The twins were popular with the public and had a huge following. Often they would go doubles on a victim. As expected their kill numbers were very high, some 25,000 or more each. Naturally these two were to be avoided. Julie was really getting nervous now, wasnt their anybody she could kill?

The Competition: The Hunk (Mark Tanner)

The Hunk, as he was called, was a large powerfully built male. His shoulders were wide, his arms were well muscled and it looked like he had no neck. Though big and powerful he was easy to avoid as his muscle weight slowed him down considerably. Julies grand mother offered to show her videos of him making kills. Julie replied with a firm, ?NO!?

The Competition: Stan Nelson

Stan was an extremely handsome 30 something male. His body was trim and muscular though not overly so. He had dark brown short cut wavy hair. His eyes were of an intense dark brown. From what Julie could gather he was a gentleman, honest and humble. In the arena he treated his victims as best he could, under the circumstances, chocking them to death. Being too nice in the arena explained his poor kill record. Julie was immediately in love.

Julies grandmother indicated he was one she could possibly kill. He was relatively new to the games and had only participated in 5, two professional and 3 private. ?Id love to plant my bare butt on his handsome face.? Julie said with a sigh. ?Maybe keep him around as my /slave/sex-slave/">sex slave.? She added hopefully. ?Julie, you are such a bad girl ? such thoughts.? Her grandmother said in a joking manner. ?Bad girl!? Julie said in reply. ?Hey grannie youre the one with a room full of boys to smother.? ?Well, um, thats different.? She replied. They both had a good laugh and continued on.

The Competition: Rocket Boy

The next 3D was that of an adolescent male. He was posing in front of a statue of himself. Rocket Boy wasnt much taller than Julie and seemed a bit on the wimpy side. His hair was jet black and somewhat long. The lad had a permanent snarly look. He just oozed the term ?punk.? Julies eyes lit up. ?Now thats somebody I can kill.

Julies grandmother went on to explain he was more of a creation by corporate hype than anything else. His performance in the arena was poor. But the youths ego couldnt be held in two arenas. ?Yes,? her grandmother said with a smile, ?hes definitely kill-able.?

The Competition: Craig Wilson

This 3D presented a rather cute young lad, about Julies age or younger. He wasnt very tall and had no real muscle definition. His light brown hair seemed in a permanent state of disarray. The youth gave the impression of being your average type teenage and had no business participating in the games.

It was explained his parents both being executives high in Benson Corp. had pulled a few strings to get him the coveted Imperator sash. They wanted the prestige and honor of having a son as a Imperator. His parents didnt care if he lived or died, just the honor of having a son in such a position would increase their corporate standing. If fact a son killed in the Hunger Games was an honor in it?s elf. ?Lovely parents.? Julie said in sarcasm.

Julies grandmother added. ?As you can expect every Imperator will be out to get him. Hed make a quick easy kill. Yes, Julie you could definitely kill him but Im afraid more experienced and more deadly competitors would also be after him. Too bad really, he looks like a nice boy but with rotten parents.?

The Competition: Crazy Girl

?Huh,? Julie said, ?really ? Crazy Girl!? Julies grandmother just nodded. The 3D picture showed a girl perhaps a year young than Julie. She was mounted atop a victim in the familiar straddle smother. Her light blonde hair was long which surprised Julie. Most Hunger Games males and females had short cut hair. An enemy could get a hold of nice long hair and pull you down. She seemed to be what youd call a big boned girl. Not fat but more of a sturdy body type.

Julie was told the Crazy Girl probably was just that. Shed been a Imperator in a number of games and had an impressive kill record. What made her so lethal was her drive and put up a tremendous fight when cornered. Shed smothered full grown men by the dozens as female victims didnt interest her. In one game she managed to kill off 6 male Imperators. It seems she has become addicted to the smother. She must have a victims nose up in her at all times. If she goes even for a short time without being on top a male she just flips out. Julie rolled her eye. ?Yes, I know, stay away.?

?Another rather strange thing about Crazy Girl. When she starts to smother her victims they tend to stop all resistance. She has a soft, gentile smothering manner. Her victims just lay still and let her do whatever she wants to them. If she gets off to change position they stay in place, sometimes even helping her back on them.? Julies mother stated.

The Competition: Wild Woman

Wild Woman, as she was known, was a colorful redhead. She was a familiar face at all Hunger Games and private arenas. She was in her early 50s. Tall with a muscular well proportioned body. She had bright green eyes and, though getting on in age, could still turn a males eye. Many a victim were pleased to be brought down by her. Her kill record was above 75,000. Julies grandmother went on to explain that Wild Woman was just that in the arena - wild. Shed drop down from trees, cover herself with leaves then pop out on an unsuspecting victim; she would do any and everything to bring down a victim, be they a small Fish, Plebe or even a fellow Imperator.

?So basically I got that Wilson kid, Rocket Boy and Mr. Nelson to kill.? Julie said with a resigned sigh. Her grandmother nodded. ?Ive got some boy smothering to do. Ill work on him on my smothering bench in the basement.? She then handed Julie the remote and said. ?I want you to review the tapes and watch for any weaknesses. Dont bother watching them make kills but concentrate on their hunting techniques. xxx sex video download free com Tomorrow we get into bobby trap making and other survival tips. I didnt last that long in the games without picking up a few tricks.?

For the next two days poor Julies mind was reeling from a steady flow of survival tips, smothering techniques and hunting methods. She felt her head might explode from all this knowledge.

*** Training Begins

For the next three days Julie took in as much information, tips, facts, rules, whatever, related to the Hunger Games as she could. She learned: Never run down established paths, always keep an eye out for an escape route. While smothering a victim always watch for an enemy because while smothering is when youd be the most vulnerable. Set booby traps. On and on it went. Julie was an attentive pupil as this was life or death issues. Their were many other tips too numerous to mention. They both regretted there was no time to go into some forest and get some actual hands on training.

Julie went back home and early the next morning a government hover craft silently landed in front of her home. Julie was directed to sit in the back by the officious pilot. Julie had never ridden in a hover craft before and normally the experience would be exhilarating but not now, not this ride. A dark haired none too friendly girl was already sitting their. She just glared at Julie for a second and turned to look out the window. The Hunger Games was not the place to make friends.

The next week at the Hunger Games training center was a whirlwind of classes and training. Julies grandmother told Julie to be careful during training as all training videos would be watched by the Imperators to see the Plebs weaknesses. For instance the teens had to quickly run a maze type course. They had to make snap decisions left or right. Say you took too many right turns the Imperator would notice and exploit this weakness.

One thing Julie had a hard time getting used to was being totally nude in public. She realized shed be watched by millions of viewers and the cameras were everywhere and capable of the most intimate shots. Not only nude but smother to death some squirming victim. Julie, as well as all female Plebes, were offered sturdy sandals for the games and an option to wear a bright red sports bra. Though breast smothering could be on the menu the position left you open to attack. The males were to wear sandals and bright red shorts. Obviously these colors were selected to be more easily detected by the predator Imperators.